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Tech and people: make sure changes work

Once upon a time, businesses communicated by posting letters, making phone calls and meetings. Now people are sending and receiving work messages through emails, messaging apps and texts.   While considering the obvious pros and cons – from speed and ease of communication to the risks of being overwhelmed by pinging notifications on your phone from Slack, […]

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Furlough extends again

So here we go again: the furlough scheme’s extended on the same arrangements until the end of September 2021. We’re updating this blog as things are fleshed out or change. Furlough scheme It’s now available until September 2021 with increasing costs for employers starting in July. You can furlough anyone including employees who haven’t been […]

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Ho ho … huh?

Dust down your Christmas To Do list and crack on with organising cards, a lunch or party or whatever celebrations you usually have in December …. oh wait. Maybe not. Everyone’s scattered all over the place and you only see their faces on Zoom. Let’s just get to Christmas and forget about the whole thing. […]

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Job Support Scheme: quick FAQs

UPDATE: Honestly, there’s no point reading this. It’s been completely changed and now it’s been abandoned for November. Check here for the latest news about furloughs: https://www.quickhr.biz/furlough-extends-and-lockdown-is-back/   So, no more furloughs and the replacement sounds a bit complicated. Something about thirds and two-thirds, I think. Honestly, thinking through the details made juggling spaghetti sound […]

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Lockdown and vision changes

I went ‘out out’ to the opticians …. a very interesting experience under the current circumstances! We discussed my awesome skills in fixing glasses with Superglue but also, more importantly, signs of digital eye strain. As a result of the switch to home-working for many people, there has been a big increase in consultations about […]

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Visa changes and moving to the UK

What happens if firms cannot hire enough people to make goods, look after people and wait on customers? We might find out soon. The Government has outlined plans for a points-based immigration system after the UK leaves the EU. The immediate reactions involve the difficulties ahead with getting “low-skilled” workers to qualify, which might affect […]