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Quick HR is 5

It’s our 5th birthday and I’m hoping that involves jelly, ice cream and balloons.

I set up Quick HR in September 2012 for many reasons. I was attracted to the idea of working with all kinds of companies, rather than just as part of one firm. A role that guaranteed variety and the challenge of finding ways to make things work in very different organisations, with all kinds of workplace cultures, sounded exciting.

And I was right. Everyone’s nervous when they start a new business venture, but I quickly realised this was the right decision and I’d enjoy it in the long-term. I still feel the same way.

I also wanted to build a company that would be a great place to work – for me and the other people who joined along the way. We don’t stick to the traditional approach of insisting everyone clocks in and off at certain times and sits at a desk all day.

Instead our people can choose when and where they work, so we have a better work-life balance. I firmly believe in treating people like adults and letting them manage their own workloads and time.

Now we are 5 and planning events to celebrate the anniversary. There will be fun events for the Quick HR team including a dinner.

One thing we’re also doing is running a free training event on Thursday 28th September for the companies we work with – a short and intensive session that could be called “everything you need to know about managing people in 3 hours”. Get in touch if you think that could be useful for you.


By Brian

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