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Social media for managers

How can you use social media to find people when you need to recruit? What happens if an employee criticises you or your company on Twitter, Facebook or any other social media site?

We’re running a 2-hour training course on Tuesday 8th September (9.30am-11.30am) in Hove. Tickets are only £45, but £35 if you’re a member of Brighton and Hove Chamber of Commerce. You can see more details and book tickets here.

Increasingly, people use social media to check people out when they’re recruiting. So we’ll talk about how this could work for you: the key sites to use and how to assess candidates. If you’re less confident about any social media sites, we’ll make sure you pick up tips about Twitter, Instagram and others too.

So, what happens if an employee makes negative comments about you or your company on social media sites? It’s an increasing trend and there have been many high-profile cases reported in the media. Employment law about this is less straight-forward than you might think, so we will help you navigate this.

Plus, we’ll provide advice about the best ways to handle any issues involving employees over-sharing their opinions on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media sites – including the steps you can quickly take without employment law risks and guidance about ways to reduce the risks of any employees getting your company unwelcome social media attention.

If you’ve asked us to produce contracts and policies for your firm, they contain sections that protect you when any social media problems crop up. If you don’t have anything about social media in your employment contracts, get in touch.

For now, here’s some more guidance about social media and employment that you should find useful.