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Testimonials: what people say about Quick HR

“Brian is by far the best HR leader I have worked with”

Mark Chapman Client Strategy + Services Director at White Hat Media

Brian ran an HR course for a handful of companies that I attended which provided a comprehensive overview of many HR issues. His style is helpful, inclusive and engaging, including several exercises that force you to think about handling ‘what would happen if…’. I would recommend people interested in HR to try Quick HR for prompt, accurate and helpful guidance.

Steve Liddell Director at Ocasta Studios

Many thanks to @quickhr for a great HR & Employment Law workshop. No-nonsense practical advice. Highly recommended.

Hammond Deo R&D Engineering Director at Danaher

Having worked with Brian as both a HR Manager and as a freelance HR specialist for several years now I can say with confidence Brian’s HR knowledge is unrivalled. He has exceptional communication skills and is able to put people at ease with a caring yet professional style. Brian and I have worked on difficult recruitment assignments as well as contractual and legal guidance and negotiations which he excels at. I would have no hesitation in working with Brian or recommending his broad capabilities to anyone serious about their HR requirements or resolving employment issues. Simply put, Brian is one of the best HR specialists I have worked with in my career.

“Helpful, inclusive and engaging”

Frederic Vassort Managing Director Europe at BEA

Brian is a very effective HR manager who has led my company through several steep change cycles. He was never shy of involving himself into day to day tactical implementation, while being capable at the same time of seeing the big picture at strategic level. His ability to identify and bring new talent on-board has also helped me greatly in reshaping the company.

Dean Smith Global Marketing Director at West Control Solutions

Brian is by far the best HR leader I have worked with. He is able to think strategically and implement at the tactical level. Brian’s role at West Instruments encompassed the whole HR environment – working on corporate initiatives with our $16Bn parent company whilst focusing on the UK site. Brian would be an asset to any organisation.

Quick HR's Brian Warren

Quick HR’s Brian Warren

Stuart Marler – SEO consultant MD at Retriever Web Solutions

We are a small business and have stressed about a HR problem. We enquired about Brian’s services at 5pm on Thursday and Brian visited us at 9am the next day. The service and integrity, expert knowledge from a bloody nice man, helped solve the problem and de-stress our management team. We will 1000% be using Brian’s services again.


“He has great skills in listening to people and being able to identify what their development needs are”

Ad van de Noort General Manager at ABB

Brian has a good eye for talent, the process to select and assess them and the skills and determination to get them on board. Once new talent is on board Brian ensure a solid induction program is designed and executed to make new hires feel welcome and be productive quickly. Brian has a good balance between the people side of employees and being a HR Business partner whilst understanding and being capable in dealing with a multi-cultural environment.

Ian Parnell Technical Support Manager at West Control Solutions

Brian was an extremely competent and professional HR Manager throughout his time at West. He simplified and streamlined many of the processes in his department. Likeable, approachable and effective.

Monique Schliephake Internal Sales Leader at West Control Solutions

Brian consistently strives for the best, in terms of his own performance and that of his co-workers. He has an eye for detail and a level of enthusiasm that can only inspire those around him. Brian has excellent interpersonal skills in dealing with clients, colleagues and business partners. He has been extremely influential and supporting for me during my time working with him.

“Working with Brian is easy as he offers good advice”

Tim Bache Vice President and Managing Director at Solartron Metrology

Brian is a highly efficient HR manager, with a wide skill set including recruiting “A” players, delivery of strategic packages to a large corporation and daily HR control of a fast moving manufacturing environment. Working with Brian is easy as he offers good advice and drives performance improvement.

Dave Lee Sales Director at GE Energy

It was a pleasure working with Brian as he is as solid a professional as they come. His messages were always clear and he never veered away from facts (no matter how brutal they might be). An excellent forward thinker.

Nicola Haug HR Director at Thomson Industries, Inc

Brian is reliable, target -oriented and structured person. He has very strong communication skills and treats people with respect. I know Brian as a very helpful and supportive peer.

“It was a pleasure working with Brian as he is as solid a professional as they come”

Sascha Kunisch Director of Program Management at Hameg Instruments (Rohde & Schwarz)

I worked closely with Brian on restructuring an engineering department. He offered great help and advice to form the new structure as well as to evaluate people’s skills and for their development plans. Brian helped me recruit a great team. His interviewing skills are excellent. He always gave good advice when I had to cope with difficult situations in UK labour law. I really enjoyed working with Brian and can recommend him as HR leader.

Kevin Doherty Quality Manager at West Control Solutions

I have found Brian to be an extremely competent HR specialist. He has a very good understanding of applicable laws and practice, and has led West through some challenging times of change whilst never losing sight of the individuals affected. It has been a pleasure to work alongside him.

Kasia May Customer Support Manager at West Control Solutions

Brian was a very professional and respectable HR Manager. He has great skills in listening to people and being able to identify what their development needs are. He has a calm and professional manner and he is able to provide advice on how to resolve difficult situations.

“It felt like they just threw me off the kerb into the path of a van and you pulled me back”

Himanshu Rai Design Engineer at West Control Solutions

Brian Warren is an exceptional HR manager, and I thoroughly enjoyed working with him at West, right from my hiring interview, to getting me settled in Brighton (moving from Newcastle), to guiding me through the HR rules and regulations within the business. He is the ideal professional to lead up any HR Department within any organisation within the UK, and he is always focused on delivering quality recruitment and HR practices within the business.

Fabrizio Cugusi Regional Sales Manager at Samoa Industrial

Working with Brian was for me a great pleasure. He always provided a great focus and dedication in all situations in which his support was required. One of his key points, in my opinion, is his great ability in selecting and attracting talents combined with a very professional way of maintaining long-term positive relationships with all associates thanks to his top level communications skills. In my experience so far, Brian is for sure the best HR manager I had the chance to work with.

 “He always gave good advice when I had to cope with difficult situations”


  • A client who was facing losing his job without any kind of severance payment when we first spoke and who finished by being better off by £60,000 after working with Quick HR: “Thank you! I’m not sure this simple statement covers it. Thanks for your support and level head, without which I would have had very little. I was ready to give up so many times but because of your expert advice and continuous support we won!”
  •  A client was having a tough time with her company’s bosses. She was scared her career might be at risk and that her manager was planning to sack her. She contacted Quick HR who helped her through it, including by providing advice during an intense meeting with her manager, and now things at her workplace are getting back to normal. She says: “I phoned out of the blue and you were right there: clear, calm and kind. I really needed and appreciated that. I’m too fluffy for events like that. It felt like they just threw me off the kerb into the path of a van and you pulled me back on to the kerb. You were my rock through all this.”