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Pay well? Tell everyone

Do you pay employees at least £7.85 an hour? If you’re not sure, that’s a salary of £15,100 – £16,300 depending on the length of your working week (based on 37-40 hours a week).

If you’ve answered yes, and most digital media companies will for a start, then you can show everyone that you are a great employer who isn’t trying to pay people peanuts. You can get a logo to display on your website and be listed on the Brighton & Hove Living Wage’s website too.

The Living Wage idea is based on paying people an amount of money they will need to live in Brighton & Hove and not just survive. With rising housing, energy, transport and food prices, anyone earning less than £7.85 may struggle.

For employers, it means that unless you plan to only hire people who still live with their parents, you will have stressed workers worrying about how they can get by. They may go off sick or leave – perhaps having to move to other areas where prices are lower or to work for other employers who will pay more. So by saving a little money on wages, you are losing money on recruiting and training people.

Signing up at http://livingwagebrighton.co.uk/ only takes a minute. Why not join the growing list of local companies who have already confirmed they pay people at least £7.85 an hour and show the world that you too are a good employer?