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Change, develop and improve

  If you see or hear the words “developing people” – you probably don’t react well. If you’re a manager, it probably feels like a duty or, at worst, a pointless exercise. Ticking a box in an appraisal process. But here’s…
Appraisal woman
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Hooray, it’s appraisal time again!

Hands up who loves appraisals! Come on, don’t all rush to raise your arms enthusiastically. If you’re sighing and feeling it’s something you have to do, because your boss and HR are hassling you about it, then here’s some quick advice:   1…
Circus 2
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Major developments for Brighton's future

It’s Brighton, it’s 2018, and everything is changing! If you have been paying attention walking around Brighton over the last year, you will have noticed the building site currently located on Circus Street. While in this gloomy wet and…
Cash pic
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Parents, sickness and minimum wage – what you have to pay

Compulsory pay rates for various situations will increase soon: the minimum wage, maternity and paternity pay as well as sick pay, if your company doesn’t pay people normal salaries when they are absent from work through illness. To help…
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Employ full-timers only? You're missing out

As the economy picks up and your business is expanding, it may be worth considering employing new staff on a part-time basis. Maybe you need more help but cannot justify the costs of a full-time worker? If you are replacing staff, do you really…
LW 2017 3
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What you have to pay: minimum and living wage levels

Pay is a tricky issue. Employers have to balance what they can afford with what they need to pay to attract new recruits and keep people – as well as considering, if they’re wise, whether rates of pay are in line with what other employers…
Christmas 2017 landscape

Have a merry Christmas!

We hope you have a very merry Christmas and a fantastic 2018!
Christmas party
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Work & Christmas: a survival guide

Ho ho ho! ‘Tis the season of goodwill, when people smile more and sing along to festive favourite tunes while hanging tinsel and baubles over anything they can. So here are 7 things to consider as you eat your own weight in mince pies and…
christmas party red
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6 tips for your Christmas party

On the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave to me: 12 drunken staff, 11 promised pay rises, 10 crates of beer bought, 9 passed out workers, 8 leering managers, 7 punches thrown, 6 cupboard lovers, 5 bullied workers, 4 broken bones, 3 drunk…
Guy Standing at the Brighton Summit.
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Free money for everyone!

Now I have your attention, let me tell you about a scheme that has been gathering momentum incredibly quickly over the last few years. Universal Basic Income – or free money for everyone! Where did I learn about something so exciting? A…
Gavin Stewart, Roger Wade and Anne Martin at Construction Voice
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Major development projects face criticism

Frustration about major development projects and their impact on tourism exercised the panel members at Construction Voice. With a focus on how ways to regenerate Brighton and Hove’s tourism and retail sectors, the city’s track record…
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Quick HR is 5

It’s our 5th birthday and I’m hoping that involves jelly, ice cream and balloons. I set up Quick HR in September 2012 for many reasons. I was attracted to the idea of working with all kinds of companies, rather than just as part of one…
Portraits of Quick HR team.
Pictured: Brian Warren and Melissa Mills
October 2016
Contact: 0797 3677 017 / 01273 275162

Free training course for people managers

We regularly run a practical "greatest hits" training course for busy managers, to improve your skills and confidence in a wide range of areas. As part of our 5th anniversary celebrations, we're offering a FREE place on a training course…
WiredSussex 10
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Wired Sussex is 10 - join the party

The digital and creative industry is booming, with thousands of firms in Brighton and neighbouring Sussex towns. Wired Sussex, the membership organisation for the industry, is about to celebrate its 10th anniversary and we're helping to sponsor…

Have fun!

Enjoy the long weekend everyone! And only a 4-day week afterwards.
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No more Employment Tribunal fees: what happens now?

Employment Tribunal fees are unlawful and the Government has to refund anything from £27m to £32m to people who have made claims. So what happens next? Since 2013 when fees were introduced, people who felt unfairly sacked or discriminated…
Graduate hire
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Life after university: getting a job

What next? Once the hangover clears (and it could be a while) you may find yourself shivering and alone, underwhelmed and unprepared for the world of work that you have inevitably been thrust into. How do I know this with such graphic detail?…
Home office feet
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Working at home or everyone in an office?

My colleague Brian recently wrote a blog about the difficulties of hiring locally and thinking about relocating staff to work for you, with some handy tips and food for thought. But, as I sit in my kitchen, working remotely, I question why…