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Brighton Digital Festival

The UK's largest digital culture festival is underway in Brighton and Hove, with a wide range of events on offer until mid-October.  Brighton Digital Festival includes talks, exhibitions, performances, workshops and open studio events at…
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Tech and people: make sure changes work

Once upon a time, businesses communicated by posting letters, making phone calls and meetings. Now people are sending and receiving work messages through emails, messaging apps and texts.   While considering the obvious pros and cons -…
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Working at home or everyone in an office?

My colleague Brian recently wrote a blog about the difficulties of hiring locally and thinking about relocating staff to work for you, with some handy tips and food for thought. But, as I sit in my kitchen, working remotely, I question why…
Money July 2018
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Living or Minimum wages: what do you have to pay?

What’s the difference between a Minimum Wage and a Living Wage? Well, it depends who you ask.  There's a compulsory Living Wage all employers have to pay, although critics say that just changed the name of the Minimum Wage – and…
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Life after university: getting a job

What next? Once the hangover clears (and it could be a while) you may find yourself shivering and alone, underwhelmed and unprepared for the world of work that you have inevitably been thrust into. How do I know this with such graphic detail?…

Looooong weekend!

It's a long weekend: you get 3 days off and then a shorter 4-day week, if you work Monday to Friday. Have a wonderful August bank holiday! Have fun and relax.
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Holidays: checking how work’s going or taking a complete break?

Summer holidays are almost upon us and everyone’s heading somewhere for a week or two. With mobiles, tablets and laptops, because that way you can check in with social media and work while you’re away. That’s normal, right? Who would…

GDPR and Quick HR

Quick HR understands that your privacy is important to you and that you care about how your personal data is used and shared online. We respect and value the privacy of everyone who visits this website and will only collect and use personal…
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“We can’t get local candidates”

Some job searches are tougher than others. Advertise for a part-time admin role and you’ll get 20 CVs in a day or so. Start searching for a developer with specialised skills or for a senior role with precise definitions of industry, product…
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Getting ready for summer

We're sorting out the Yachtwerks front garden for summer, so that we can work outside - and you can join us for meetings in the sunshine. The hard work's being carried out by our lovely neighbours from Old Tree Brewery who are digging and…
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Always fun at the Wired Sussex parties!

Wired Sussex is the membership body for digital, creative and tech firms. There are thousands now around Sussex and you can see a few details about this booming industry here. It's always fun catching up with people and meeting new friends…
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Employ full-timers only? You're missing out

As the economy picks up and your business is expanding, it may be worth considering employing new staff on a part-time basis. Maybe you need more help but cannot justify the costs of a full-time worker? If you are replacing staff, do you really…
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Parents, sickness and minimum wage – what you have to pay

Compulsory pay rates for various situations have just increased: the minimum wage, maternity and paternity pay as well as sick pay, if your company doesn’t pay people normal salaries when they are absent from work through illness. To help…
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Working parent? Here's everything you need to know

Expecting a baby? Already a parent?  Do you employ parents or soon to be parents?  We’re often asked about what parents are entitled to or how everything works with employers when someone takes maternity or paternity leave. Most people know…
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Developers' money and the benefits to communities

How can developers’ money help revitalise and contribute to Brighton and Hove? A council and developer panel discussed the issues at Construction Voice. Balancing residents’ worries about the impact of new development projects with potential…
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Change, develop and improve

  If you see or hear the words “developing people” – you probably don’t react well. If you’re a manager, it probably feels like a duty or, at worst, a pointless exercise. Ticking a box in an appraisal process. But here’s…
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Hooray, it’s appraisal time again!

Hands up who loves appraisals! Come on, don’t all rush to raise your arms enthusiastically. If you’re sighing and feeling it’s something you have to do, because your boss and HR are hassling you about it, then here’s some quick advice:   1…
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Major developments for Brighton's future

It’s Brighton, it’s 2018, and everything is changing! If you have been paying attention walking around Brighton over the last year, you will have noticed the building site currently located on Circus Street. While in this gloomy wet and…