Want to see Brian drop from the top of the i360?

I’m abseiling down the i360 tower to raise cash for the brilliant Martlets Hospice, as part of the Shaun The Sheep events. It’s 450 ft. Gulp!

I’m a little bit nervous about this (massive understatement), so if you donate and hand over any pennies you can, it will motivate me and help me feel much better about this.

The drop’s on Thursday 5th October and you can see full details here.

Or sign up and join me. We can be terrified together!


Yes, I’ve done this before and you can see how nervous I was. I swore I’d never do anything like this again, but the hospice is an amazing and vital place that’s definitely worth any support I can give. So, here we go again.

This is part of the Shaun The Sheep events, starting with the Shaun art trail. Previous art trails have involved Snowdogs and snails – this time it’s Shauns. Decorated by a wide variety of artists, they go on display around Brighton and Hove from  9th September to 5th November, and then they will be sold by auction. You can see full details here.

We supported the previous art trails, including helping with a crowdfunder to buy a Snowdog and keep it in a public place for local people to see: the beautiful Process Pup is still in Hanover Centre’s garden.

Here’s the link if you can donate for the hospice – thank you so much if you do!



By Brian