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Feeling bad at home? Tips to help

If you’re working from home, you’ve probably sorted out in your mind the pros and cons by now. But the news that “people who can work from home should” again is still bound to cause spirits to dip a little – or crash, in some cases. Just when we started to feel able to get […]

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Lockdown and vision changes

I went ‘out out’ to the opticians …. a very interesting experience under the current circumstances! We discussed my awesome skills in fixing glasses with Superglue but also, more importantly, signs of digital eye strain. As a result of the switch to home-working for many people, there has been a big increase in consultations about […]

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Living or Minimum wages: what do you have to pay?

What’s the difference between a Minimum Wage and a Living Wage? Well, it depends who you ask. There’s a compulsory Living Wage all employers have to pay, although critics say that just changed the name of the Minimum Wage – and it’s lower than the “real but voluntary” Living Wage. Currently, employers have to pay […]

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Visa changes and moving to the UK

What happens if firms cannot hire enough people to make goods, look after people and wait on customers? We might find out soon. The Government has outlined plans for a points-based immigration system after the UK leaves the EU. The immediate reactions involve the difficulties ahead with getting “low-skilled” workers to qualify, which might affect […]

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White powders and workplaces

Working with all kinds of people, we spot issues and trends as they rise and fall. One thing we’ve seen increase is conversations about people using cocaine. The clichéd views are that it’s everywhere, it’s becoming more and more acceptable and it’s just another option for people who want to have fun. In reality, it’s […]