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Don’t panic … not yet anyway

UPDATE: We will have a new Prime Minister, Liz Truss, and she takes over the role on 6th September. It’s being reported that she will quickly announce plans that may include freezing energy bills, although that’s only speculation and there are no details about how that might affect businesses. We’ll have more information as things […]

Enjoy the long weekend!

Hope you have a wonderful 4-day weekend – if you get the whole bank holiday break off work. Have fun whether you’re enjoying Jubilee street parties, seeing your loved ones or just relaxing. After all, it’s 3 months until the next bank holiday!    

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Living or Minimum wages: what do you have to pay?

Big increases in minimum pay levels kick in this month and the extra costs are around £1,200 extra per year for each full-time employee. What’s the difference between a minimum Wage and a Living Wage? Well, it depends who you ask. There’s a compulsory Living Wage all employers have to pay (although critics say that […]

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White powders and workplaces

Working with all kinds of people, we spot issues and trends as they rise and fall. One thing we’ve seen increase is conversations about people using cocaine. The clichéd views are that it’s everywhere, it’s becoming more and more acceptable and it’s just another option for people who want to have fun. In reality, it’s […]

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Why didn’t I get an interview? 8 top tips

I’m spending hours every week reading applications and CVs at the moment. Time and time again I am coming across the same common mistakes that tick the ‘no’ box. So have a read through my list of bugbears and you never know it might help you get that all important interview and land your dream […]

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Tech and people: make sure changes work

Once upon a time, businesses communicated by posting letters, making phone calls and meetings. Now people are sending and receiving work messages through emails, messaging apps and texts.   While considering the obvious pros and cons – from speed and ease of communication to the risks of being overwhelmed by pinging notifications on your phone from Slack, […]

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Furlough extends again

So here we go again: the furlough scheme’s extended on the same arrangements until the end of September 2021. We’re updating this blog as things are fleshed out or change. Furlough scheme It’s now available until September 2021 with increasing costs for employers starting in July. You can furlough anyone including employees who haven’t been […]