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Why spend any time on employment contracts? Money, for a start

When you change jobs, you might notice your new employment contract is different to the last one. Apart from different logos and fonts, it’s worth checking for any significant differences quickly – maybe more or less holiday than you’ve had before. So why should anyone spend any time thinking about employment contracts? If you’re a […]

Want to see Brian drop from the top of the i360?

I’m abseiling down the i360 tower to raise cash for the brilliant Martlets Hospice, as part of the Shaun The Sheep events. It’s 450 ft. Gulp! I’m a little bit nervous about this (massive understatement), so if you donate and hand over any pennies you can, it will motivate me and help me feel much […]

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Big rises in Living and Minimum wages

Big increases in minimum pay levels kick in this April and the extra costs are almost £2,000 extra per year for each full-time employee aged 23 at least. From April 2023 employers have to pay a legal minimum of £10.42 an hour for any employees over 23, which is an increase of nearly £1 per […]

Don’t panic … not yet anyway

UPDATE: We will have a new Prime Minister, Liz Truss, and she takes over the role on 6th September. It’s being reported that she will quickly announce plans that may include freezing energy bills, although that’s only speculation and there are no details about how that might affect businesses. We’ll have more information as things […]

Enjoy the long weekend!

Hope you have a wonderful 4-day weekend – if you get the whole bank holiday break off work. Have fun whether you’re enjoying Jubilee street parties, seeing your loved ones or just relaxing. After all, it’s 3 months until the next bank holiday!