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Change, develop and improve

  If you see or hear the words “developing people” – you probably don’t react well. If you’re a manager, it probably feels like a duty or, at worst, a pointless exercise. Ticking a box in an appraisal process. But here’s…
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Hooray, it’s appraisal time again!

Hands up who loves appraisals! Come on, don’t all rush to raise your arms enthusiastically. If you’re sighing and feeling it’s something you have to do, because your boss and HR are hassling you about it, then here’s some quick advice:   1…
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Major developments for Brighton's future

It’s Brighton, it’s 2018, and everything is changing! If you have been paying attention walking around Brighton over the last year, you will have noticed the building site currently located on Circus Street. While in this gloomy wet and…
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Work feels like running a marathon?

Running a company sometimes feels like a marathon. Just when things settle down, somebody leaves or a problem happens. Things keep changing and you have to work out how to deal with them - and that includes getting employees to help. Sometimes…
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Special offer for our clients

We regularly run a practical "greatest hits" training course for busy managers, to improve your skills and confidence in a wide range of areas. We like to offer special services for our clients when we can. So instead of the usual course fees…
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"Greatest hits" training for busy managers

We’re running a practical "greatest hits" training course for busy managers, to improve your skills and confidence in a wide range of areas. Avoid walking into legal disputes when you are recruiting, developing people or dealing with problems…
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New year - new you?

The change from an old to a new year is always a great time to reflect on what’s worked and what hasn’t worked for us, and to think about what we want to do differently in the next year. Many people will come up with a list of resolutions…
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Training course for managers - feedback

Quick HR's Brian Warren ran a training course for Wired Sussex members on managing people and employment law. The course is a "greatest hits" package providing a firm foundation for busy people, to develop their skills and confidence. It covers…
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Testimonials: what people say about Quick HR

"Brian is by far the best HR leader I have worked with" Mark Chapman Client Strategy + Services Director at White Hat Media Brian ran an HR course for a handful of companies that I attended which provided a comprehensive overview of many…
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Developing people – why bother?

When you hire people, you want to find the best person for the job.