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Work feels like running a marathon?

Running a company sometimes feels like a marathon. Just when things settle down, somebody leaves or a problem happens. Things keep changing and you have to work out how to deal with them – and that includes getting employees to help. Sometimes they might not be able to, which means you have to decide whether to spend time developing them so they can help next time or, worst case scenario, realising you might be working with the wrong person.

Ideally, you want people to develop their skills while they work for you, so their performance gets better and better – and any problems are overcome. Helping people develop also increases the chances of them staying with you too. Now, how do you do all that?

We’re running a 2-hour training course on Tuesday 21st June and we’ll explore how busy managers can keep track of people’s performance and help employees develop their skills, in ways that work for you, as well as reducing the risks of fire-fighting problems along the way.

This training session, which only costs £49 (and £39 if you’re a Brighton and Hove Chamber of Commerce member), will cover:

  • Managing performance: how people work as well as the quality of their work
  • Giving people feedback – good and bad
  • Identifying how to help employees develop their skills
  • Problem-solving: ways to see issues coming as well as nipping in the bud any risks and avoiding them being repeated
  • Appraisals: if you need them and how you can make them useful for you.

The aim is to improve your confidence in these areas, find ways to manage and develop people that will work for you, avoid problems becoming repeated or long-term and keep your employees working with you, to reduce staff turnover.

Click here to find out more and book tickets.