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We’re moving to a new home

We’re moving into our new home: Yachtwerks in Brighton. After looking at places for months, events happened quickly: from hearing that a space was available to looking around, making a decision, getting the keys and then sitting on the floor,…

Enjoy the long weekend!

Hope you have a wonderful Easter! Enjoy the long weekend ... then there's another 4-day week.
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We had a wonderful photoshoot with Vervate photographers and took it very, very seriously http://vervate.com/
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We support RadioReverb

We love RadioReverb. We like to support community events around Sussex and we also like all kinds of music - so RadioReverb, a community radio station based in Brighton and Hove, ticks all those boxes. Reverb has no advertising and no set…
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Come and meet us - in Uckfield

We're joining more than 70 other businesses at the Net Expo on Thursday March 16th at the East Sussex National in Uckfield and tickets are free for visitors. Come and see Brian and Melissa at Stand 52. We're offering: 10 minutes of…
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Life after Brexit - what will change?

When Britain leaves Europe, will it affect you? Can you prepare for any changes? Or is it too soon and you’ll have to wait for a year or more before you can decide what to do? We’ve been asked these questions since the day the referendum…
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We helped buy a Snowdog!

If you walked around Brighton and Hove in the autumn, you probably saw some of the 44 colourful Snowdog sculptures. Designed by a wide range of artists, they were sold by auction and raised more than £337,000 for Martlets Hospice. Many are…
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Quick HR at a business show

We joined more than 100 other businesses from Sussex and Kent...
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Worried about losing your job?

Changes at work can feel like they happen out of the blue, sometimes as companies react to events – good or bad. Often the decisions to look for new kinds of customers or restructure to have different roles have been discussed, debated and…
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All you need is love

We bounce around Sussex, get to know places and that means we hear about things going on. Festivals, carnivals, fairs, art events, shows, markets and everything else. The Love Festival started in 2013 as part of an annual arts week in Littlehampton.…
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Work feels like running a marathon?

Running a company sometimes feels like a marathon. Just when things settle down, somebody leaves or a problem happens. Things keep changing and you have to work out how to deal with them - and that includes getting employees to help. Sometimes…

Enjoy the long weekend

Hope you have a wonderful bank holiday! Relax and enjoy the long 3-day weekend.
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Free gifts at the Let's Do Business Show

 Want to meet us and 120 other businesses? Come to our stand at the Let’s Do Business show in Brighton on Thursday, 12th May. Admission is free and you can register here or on the day. The event is at Brighton Racecourse from 10am to…
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We're supporting RadioReverb

We like to support community events around Sussex. We also like all kinds of music. So RadioReverb, a community radio station, ticks all those boxes. RadioReverb has no advertising and no set playlists - DJs can play whatever they like. It…
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Special offer for our clients

We regularly run a practical "greatest hits" training course for busy managers, to improve your skills and confidence in a wide range of areas. We like to offer special services for our clients when we can. So instead of the usual course fees…
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Want to pay in bitcoins? Now you can

We sometimes work with people who want to pay in other currencies. Usually they’re based outside the UK and need our help with UK employment issues. We also take payments by Paypal. So we thought we should go a little further and let people…
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What’s your policy on policies?

Some words make your heart sink and we know that “policy” and “handbook” are among them. Nobody starts the working day looking forward to a discussion about policies and employee handbooks. So why bother? Well, why have any rules at…
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Pensions: a quick guide

Employers are starting to talk about having to set up pension schemes. We’re not pension experts and we’re not going to waste your time getting involved – but we thought we would offer some tips and advice. An estimated 770,000 UK employers…