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Options for parents and carers

So now you’re juggling home-schooling and working remotely. Good luck and enjoy the experience! As a working parent, there are a number of ways to shake things up so that you can maintain some kind of your work-life balance, as well as…
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Feeling bad at home? Tips to help people

If you’re working from home, you’ve probably sorted out in your mind the pros and cons by now. But the news that you have to work from home (if you can) again, and another lockdown, is still bound to cause spirits to dip a little – or…

Have a wonderful Christmas!

  We hope you have a very merry Christmas and a wonderful 2021!
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Ho ho ... huh?

Dust down your Christmas To Do list and crack on with organising cards, a lunch or party or whatever celebrations you usually have in December .... oh wait. Maybe not. Everyone's scattered all over the place and you only see their faces on…
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Job Support Scheme: quick FAQs

UPDATE: Honestly, there's no point reading this. It's been completely changed and now it's been abandoned for November. Check here for the latest news about furloughs: https://www.quickhr.biz/furlough-extends-and-lockdown-is-back/   So,…
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Lockdown and vision changes

I went ‘out out’ to the opticians …. a very interesting experience under the current circumstances! We discussed my awesome skills in fixing glasses with Superglue but also, more importantly, signs of digital eye strain. As a result…
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A quick guide to furloughs

It sounds like a simple idea: don’t fire people and the Government will provide up to 80% of their pay each month instead. Inevitably it’s becoming a little more complicated. The next key date is 10th June and after that new entrants…
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Working in different places and how to adjust

With so many people now working from home, how are you getting on? As a massive experiment, it’s blown up all the previous obstacles and concerns about home-working: the worries that people won’t work or things will fall apart. If work…
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Help to pay workers

Government support is available if you put people on unpaid leave (otherwise called furloughs or temporary layoffs) but don't terminate their employment. Employers can apply for up to 80% of pay, up to £2,500 per month (annual equivalent…
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Don’t panic – but act quickly

Wow. Okay, everyone’s talking about working from home, worrying about Coronavirus and stockpiling toilet rolls. We’re living in interesting times. Don’t panic. But before you get overtaken by events – and the worst case scenarios…
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Visa changes and moving to the UK

What happens if firms cannot hire enough people to make goods, look after people and wait on customers? We might find out soon. The Government has outlined plans for a points-based immigration system after the UK leaves the EU. The immediate…
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6 tips for your Christmas party

On the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave to me: 12 drunken staff, 11 promised pay rises, 10 crates of beer bought, 9 passed out workers, 8 leering managers, 7 punches thrown, 6 cupboard lovers, 5 bullied workers, 4 broken bones, 3 drunk…

Pacman and other Halloween pumpkins

Apart from her HR talents, Melissa carves amazing Halloween pumpkins. This year’s model is Pacman!  
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Companions for meetings - but no clowns

We deal with all sorts of quirky goings on in the wonderful world of work and HR - but bringing a clown to a formal meeting is a new one on us! You may have read that a man in New Zealand chose to bring an “emotional support” clown with…
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People on medications: Brexit worries

Everybody works with someone who is taking medication of some sort. You just might not know about it. One worry about Brexit is any disruption to the way medications get into the UK and are available to people. More than 60% of medications…

Looooong weekend!

It's a long weekend: you get 3 days off and then a shorter 4-day week, if you work Monday to Friday. Have a wonderful bank holiday! Have fun and relax.
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Holidays: checking how work’s going or taking a complete break?

Summer holidays are almost upon us and everyone’s heading somewhere for a week or two. With mobiles, tablets and laptops, because that way you can check in with social media and work while you’re away. That’s normal, right? Who would…
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Want to see Brian drop 500ft?

I'm abseiling down the i360 tower on Thursday 4th July to raise cash for the brilliant Clock Tower Sanctuary, a charity helping homeless young people. I'm a little bit nervous about this, so please click on the link and hand over any pennies…