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Want to pay in bitcoins? Now you can

We sometimes work with people who want to pay in other currencies. Usually they’re based outside the UK and need our help with UK employment issues. We also take payments by Paypal. So we thought we should go a little further and let people know this.

Now we’re happy to announce that you can use bitcoins too. If you prefer peercoins, litecoins, dogecoins or anything else, then ask and we might say yes.

We’ve been very interested in crypto-currencies for a while now, including following news about bitcoins, going to Brighton Bitcoin events and hanging out with friends who love this kind of thing and work on crypto-currency projects.

So what are bitcoins? Digital money that isn’t controlled by any government or bank. We’re not going to waffle on, but you can find out more here:

The Government has just decided to spend £10 million on research into digital currencies.

Quite a few local businesses now let you pay with bitcoins and you can see details here.

There are also bitcoin ATM / cashpoint machines around Brighton at:

We’re happy to offer you this option. If you ever find it useful, get in touch and we’ll arrange it.