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"Greatest hits" training for busy managers

We’re running a practical "greatest hits" training course for busy managers, to improve your skills and confidence in a wide range of areas. Avoid walking into legal disputes when you are recruiting, developing people or dealing with problems…
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Flexible working – now everyone can ask for it

Want to reduce your working hours, change your working pattern or work from home? All employees now have the right to ask for these changes, as long as you’ve been employed for 26 weeks (six months). Previously it was limited to parents and…
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5 tips to help you interview

Ever met someone and then realised a while later that your first impressions weren’t 100% accurate? Perhaps because they were more polite than normal or for some reason they were making an effort, then relaxed when they got to know you. If…
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Recruitment - hire the best

Every company has to recruit new people - whether you're replacing someone who's left, expanding the company or just need someone with new skills. Brian and Melissa ran a recruitment and interview training course for Brighton and Hove Chamber…
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Free networking event & health advice

We're helping Mind charity with a networking event in Brighton, with a focus on helping you understand how to work with people with mental health issues. You may already know someone who's had an issue with depression or something similar. The…

Rows at work: from bad to worse

Sometimes my job feels like arriving late at a party that’s gone terribly wrong, with people shouting at each other and throwing accusations around, while I try to work out what I’ve missed, how things fell apart and what the best options…
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Training course for managers - feedback

Quick HR's Brian Warren ran a training course for Wired Sussex members on managing people and employment law. The course is a "greatest hits" package providing a firm foundation for busy people, to develop their skills and confidence. It covers…
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Testimonials: what people say about Quick HR

"Brian is by far the best HR leader I have worked with" Mark Chapman Client Strategy + Services Director at White Hat Media Brian ran an HR course for a handful of companies that I attended which provided a comprehensive overview of many…
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"You were my rock"

A grateful client's sent a lovely note with thanks for helping her through a tough time with her company's bosses. She was scared her career might be at risk and that her manager was planning to sack her. She contacted Quick HR who helped her…
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“She never listens to me…. I’m going to complain”

So grievances are a way that employees can make a formal complaint about a workplace issue, whether it involves another employee or a manager. Having looked at grievances from a manager’s point of view, let’s consider the issue from the…
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Developing people – why bother?

When you hire people, you want to find the best person for the job.
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“I want to offer you the job. Please be a perfect employee.”

Choosing a stranger to work with you can be a stressful and frustrating experience, especially if you are not completely sure what you are looking for.