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Brian walking on hot coals

Ever wanted to make an HR person walk on hot coals? Now’s your chance.

I’ve agreed to take part in a sponsored firewalk. To be honest, my first reaction was to laugh hysterically and say there was absolutely no way I would do it. Why would anyone choose to walk on hot coals?

But a week later, I agreed to sign up for it. Now I’m just trying not to think about what I’m getting myself into.

Why am I doing it? Because it will raise money for Switchboard, a magnificent charity that helps LGBT people through its services including a helpline, counselling and support services for older people. I was a volunteer for many years, as well as a former Chair, and I know from experience how important it is to keep Switchboard running to help the many anxious, upset and sometimes desperate people who ask for help, support and advice. People who need to talk to someone in absolute confidence about problems they face.

Switchboard is celebrating it’s 40th anniversary this year but, like many charities, is finding it increasingly tough to find the money it needs to keep everything going. There’s an article in this issue of the Brighton and Hove Independent on page 13 or you can see more information here.

So, back to you. Whether you want to support a wonderful charity or whether you just want to make me walk on hot coals, you can sponsor me here http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/BrianWarrenQuickHR.

Thanks for reading – and thanks even more if you sponsor me. Assuming I survive the experience, I’ll let you know how it goes.


Lighting the firewalk

Wow, that was hot! Exciting and just a little bit scary. The organiser helpfully kept checking the temperature and providing a running commentary on heat levels, but I think I was too focused on having to walk on hot coals to really take it in. Having walked across the hot ash, my feet were tingling for a long time afterwards – but no burns. Switchboard raised more than £6,000 and thanks to everyone who donated.

Brian smiling before firewalk

The amazing Silver Sounds Drummers http://www.silversounds.org/.

Silver Sounds drummers

Photos by Switchboard, Mark In Time Photography and Stacey Duke.

By Brian