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Parents, sickness and minimum wage – what you have to pay

Compulsory pay rates for various situations will increase soon: the minimum wage, maternity and paternity pay as well as sick pay, if your company doesn’t pay people normal salaries when they are absent from work through illness.

To help you prepare, here are the current levels and the increases in April 2018:


From April 2017From April 2018
Maternity/Paternity/Adoption £140.98£145.18
Sick pay£89.35£92.05
Lower Earnings Threshold£113£116
National Living Wage£7.50£7.83
National Minimum Wage
Workers aged 21-24£7.05£7.38
Workers aged 18-20£5.60£5.90
Workers ages 16-17£4.05£4.20
Apprentice rate£3.50£3.70



“Real” Living Wage (voluntary for employers)£8.75


If your working day is 7.5 hours, the minimum wage for anyone 25 and older means annual salaries are currently £14,625 and will increase to £15,268.50 in April.

You can see more details and advice about the differences between the “compulsory” and “real” Living Wages here.



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